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For the love of the ride

New River Riders Group is a social motorcycle riding group with emphasis on three goals.

1. Group Fellowship

2. Support for our Community

3. Enjoying a Good Ride


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Come on out and join us for a ride, you will have a great time.

Membership in the group is $30 per household for the year and for every ride you participate in with the group you will get a $5 credit towards your membership for the following year, up to the total of $30.

Our Director Mike is lining up rides for this coming year so join in.


It is shaping up to be a great year for riding.


Sunday, August 17 we had a great ride joining up with the Dublin UAW group leaving from Dublin going out Rt. 100 going by Eggleston to Rt. 460 onto Rt. 42 into Newport and then a visit at the Veterans Hospital in Salem where we had a celebration with a group of veterans and then had pizza with them. It was a very rewarding experience.

The planned rides have not been going well so sometime back it was decided that we will meet each Saturday morning at the Hardee's next to Shelor Motor Mile at 8:30 and share a biscuit and coffee and those that show up will decide where to ride for the day. That seems to have sparked more interest with a larger group participating so we will continue that for now. So come on out on Saturday morning and join whoever shows up and have a great time.


We are trying to look ahead to rides for this coming year. Our goal is to schedule rides often so that everyone will have an opportunity to join in on a ride. We realize everyone cannot join every ride but we desire to schedule enough rides that everyone will be able to join on some and have a great time.

Some of the rides we have heard about include:

Stations Inn or The Depot with a return on the squirrel

New River Gorge ride with visit to Gorge Harley Davidson

Possible weekend trip to Black Water Falls in West Virginia

Green Bank, W. VA to visit Green Bank Telescope Observatory

Danville, VA to visit Tank Museum

Appomattox, VA to visit historical Civil War Battlefields

If you have a favorite ride you would like for the group to enjoy please let us know so that we can fill up the calendar for this coming year.



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